I spent a lot of time recently working on my website Tannylouise.

I wanted to add in a forum and after some recommendations from the Zodiacs on the YoTA forum I decided to install the plugin Simple:Press which installs a forum within WordPress which runs my sites.

After working out how users can be added easily and stopped from accessing my dashboard –  again with some help from YoTA and the Simple:Press forums, I was able to start setting up my forum.

There are some great resources available in the Simple Press forum once I worked out what phrases I wanted to search for.

Something I’ve learnt since I started working on my own blogs and websites is that what I think something is described as and what it’s called on the resources available can be totally different.  All I can advise you to do is be patient and take notice of what the search results bring you and change your searches to work your way through.

After a bit of time, I worked out what  I wanted and started putting it into place.  I like the forum set up and that I can control what access players have to various groups and forums.  It’s very easy to add additional forums and adding users is also easy.

I had help from Kaatlouise (Korey) in setting up the forum and suggestions for groups and forums.

I now have a forum on Tannylouise.  You are welcome to come visit and say hi 🙂