Have you ever been somewhere that made you think of wonderful memories? 

I recently visited a place that reminded me of my great grandparents’ farm.  As I drove in, I had to open and then close the gate. 

When my family visited my grandparents farm it was always fun to open the gate.  It was a metal and wire gate, strong enough to hold us, light enough to swing it open and fun to ride on as we opened and closed the gate for Dad.  

It was just a gate, however the joys of swinging on that gate remain with me to this day.  After we opened it, we always had a good time at my grandparents.  

Are you too busy to remember the past and enjoy it?   

Quote - Take time to gather up the past

Your past gives you experience you can use right now.  

What you already know allows you to do more with today and tomorrow.

Don’t lose the opportunities that your past gives to you.  

Remember good memories and use how you feel when you are writing a post or talking to a client.  

Use what you have from your past to build up your present and future.

Opening that gate reminded me of two things.  I had to open the gate to enjoy the day and I am fortunate to have a large family who give me great memories.

You are a important member of my extended relationships and what interests you, interests me.

I want to find out what’s happening for you.  The memories you share with me become part of our future.

I would love it if you could write and let me know in the comments what some of your treasured memories are or email me at tania@tanishipman.com.  I would love to hear from you.  


Tania Shipman