Win 200 Bronze MembershipsThere is still time to have the chance to win 100 200 Bronze Memberships with Sean Rasmussen.

He has something new coming our way and he’s offering everyone a chance to win.

It’s a pretty easy competion.

  • You visit Sean’s website and make a comment,
  • you like his facebook fanpage if you really do like it
  • You check for updates to the blog and the fanpage
  • you can also post on twitter with an @bullhunter tag and let your friends know about it and
  • you could win.

As always, Sean offers more and more.  This competition started out with 100 chances to win.  Now we are up to 200 chances.

It’s going to be announced Wednesday, so you really need to take action now and get the chance to win 200 Bronze Memberships.

Sean has also hinted at the name.  If you google and  use a bit of common sense you might have the formula to find him.  I’m probably giving away too much information but Sean always over delivers so don’t miss out on your chance.

Tania Shipman
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