I have to do an update on my New Internet Plan.

It’s only been a few weeks but what a lot of changes.Free to use my New Internet Plan

After all the dramas, tribulations and travel in September, October has been wonderful.  I feel free for the first time in over a year to use the Internet as I want to.

I have my New Internet Plan with Westnet, I have 200 GB a month to use  (100/100 peak/off peak)  and it’s freed me in the way I use my Internet.

Previously if I wanted to watch a video on the YOTA forum or Marcus wanted to watch YouTube videos, we had to download it before 10 am, head off to work or school and hope nothing went wrong before we were able to watch it later.

Now I just load any video, whenever I want and it means I no longer have to stress about going over my plan if I want to watch something again or it didn’t download properly.

Marcus and I used up more then 20 G every month,  which was my previous plan limit for peak times and it cost me money I could use elsewhere.  The amount of stress I felt about having to watch everything that we downloaded to ensure we didn’t go over too much is very noticeable in that it no longer exists.

This has also been a great time saver because I don’t have to remember to load videos before I go to work and I can just come home and get stuck into it.

I also got my latest bill.  Firstly, $89.95 down to $49.95 is very nice.  Secondly, No Excess and Third, no more arguments over who downloaded what and when.  The money I will save from this change in a year will be a minimum of $480 and as I usually went over at least 1 – 6 Gigs a month (at $6 a gig) another $72 – $432.  That’s between $500 – $900 dollars a year saved by changing to a New Internet Plan.

If you are suffering from the sort of stresses I was and have considered changing to a New Internet Plan take some time, do some investigation and see if you need to change your plan.

Tania Shipman
Interested in Anything and Everything

Image: graur razvan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net