Every one has a problem, some of us have more then one.  Often your problem appears to be huge and seeming unsolvable.

You have no idea where to start with your problem, no idea on how to fix it and takes up all of your time.

Problem SolutionIt sticks in your head and you can’t get out of it.  You start beating up on yourself, blaming yourself, yelling at yourself.  None of that’s healthy and you have to find a solution.  Don’t think it’s easy, because it’s not.  Problems love being problems.  They want to take up all your time and be the most important thing in your life.  

Don’t let it!  Beat that problem down (I have this image of sending goons to beat up my problems).  

Don’t send in the goons (really, they don’t exist), instead try talking about it with a a friend, colleague, mentor or peer.  Once you start talking about your problem, you will find out most of the time, you already know the solution or know where to start getting rid of the problem.  

You might not believe me, but over many years I’ve had talks with friends who are having problems.  They talk, I listen, ask a few questions and probably 80% of the time, by the time they finish telling me the problem, they are already talking about the solution.  They knew what to do, but that big, bad problem was making sure they didn’t get the time to work it out themselves.

I get thanked for ‘helping them’, however they were the ones who worked it out.  I just listened  and kept the problem quiet whilst they did that (hmm, does that make me a goon?)  Hopefully not, but if it helps with a problem I can be a goon  😉 

It works both ways.  My problems try to keep me finding solutions.  Same as I listened to friends, friends listen to me and help me find a solution.

I’ve had a problem about writing posts.  I’ve written about that, however I started talking to friends and mentors and I started writing.  

Each day I write a new post.  It’s not perfect, the best I could do, but it’s happening.  It was a huge problem for me.  I knew I had to do it, but I just couldn’t put fingers to keyboard.  

I turned my problem into a solution.

It’s not easy talking about your problems, but if you are finding problems are keeping you from getting things done, please let me help.  Lets turn your problems into solutions together.   

Tania Shipman