Trial and error is “a fundamental method of solving problems. It is characterized by repeated, varied attempts which are continued until success, or until the agent stops trying. It is an unsystematic method which does not employ insight, theory or organised methodology” <- That’s from Wikipedia.

I can go find a heap of other definitions and explanation but it’s pretty much try, try again until you get your problem solved or you give up.

There are times when you need to do both.  Try until your problem is solved, give up when it’s not being solved and then try again when the time seems right.  

Trial and ErrorI’ve been trying to find a nail polish that sticks to my nails.  I love wearing nail polish and have spent thousands of dollars trying to find the brand for me.  My problem is that most won’t actually stay on for more then 1 day.  In some cases, I’ve been ecstatic if it’s lasted for a couple of hours.  

Sad to say, most didn’t even meet the two hour limit.  So I gave up.  I stopped wearing nail polish.  It wasn’t worth the expense and lack of results.

Last week, I found my miracle nail polish.  It’s stayed on for over 3 days now.  I’m going to be buying more of that product, because it works for me.  My trial and error finally found a solution.  And I’m very happy about that  🙂 

So that was my trial and error – over nail polish.  It was important to me.  I liked the way it made me look and feel.  I definitely went through trial after trial.  I made heaps of errors, and I even stopped trying.  Can you see where I’m heading?

I gave it one last try and I had my problem solved.  We aren’t talking a few years trying to find my nail polish solution, this has been going on for decades!  I could probably fill a house with unused nail polish.  But I kept on trying.

I read an interesting post the other day about when to keep going and when to give up.  There are times when you have to do both.  Give up when it seems all the trials aren’t working, but still keep it there in your mind, for one more try IF you think you will solve your problem.

Trial and error can work, even it it takes a bit longer then you thought.

Do you have your ‘nail polish’ story to share with me?  Let me know.

Tania Shipman

 PS – I did a search for ‘trail’ because I kept typing that.  I’m pretty sure I caught them all.