Constancy – Matrix – Excellence

Every year, Chris Brogan shares his 3 words.  I try to do it too. My Three Words set up the year and I use them to concentrate on what I do in 2018.

My Three Words for 2018

My Three Words 2018Constancy

Constancy stands for being dependable.   I’ve been working on that for the last 10 months.  On the 27th March 2017, I started doing daily FB lives.  I’ve kept on doing them every single day.  I will keep on doing them. My next step for constancy is new products every month.  I’m putting that here so I have a record I will do it. 


2018 will continue my requirement for excellence. I will be the best at what I do and continually strive for improvement.  Outstanding work, high-quality products, attention to detail and excellent customer service are what I will continue to concentrate on for 2018.


I chose this word because it stands for so much.  Connections, relationships, networking, funnels, and systems.  Each one of these words is so important to me.  Matrix covers building connections and relationships, growing a network, building funnels and systems. They have always been important and in 2018, they will be essential to growing my business.

My Three Words 2018 are important to my business, to myself and to my customers. 

Let me know if you choose Three Words and if so, what are they.