Thanking & Promoting

the people who help me be who I am

I was reading Chris Brogan‘s blog and in one of his posts he said to stop talking about yourself and do some promoting of other people.

I had a think about it and that’s what this post will be about.  I’m promoting and thanking as many of the people who have helped me be who I am and enabled me to do what I do.

First and foremost will always be my mum and dad, my son,  my two brothers, their wives and their kids.  I know they are always there for me, no matter what.  When I need help, I know I will get it.  Having that sort of support is pure gold and can’t be bought.  I love my family and know I’m so lucky that they are there for me.

For what I’m doing here and now with my websites, I have to thank Aaron Schubert for telling me about this ‘stuff’ and convincing me to find out what this guy he had been talking about really was like. Aaron has been a friend for many years and will be for a long time in the future.  Thanks Aaron.

“This guy” is Sean Rasmussen who’s the creator of the Year of the Affiliate forum which I’ve been a member of since July last year.  I’ve learnt so much about blogging and internet marketing during the last 8 months and the majority of it I’ve learnt on the YOTA forum.  I love working on my websites and I wouldn’t have them without Aaron and Sean encouraging and helping me.

The YOTA forum has been essential for me and the moderators and members of the forum have to be thanked.  Yang, the Zodiacs and my fellow YOTA members are great people.  We all support, help, congratulate and commiserate as needed each other and the YOTA forum support structure is one of the best I have ever seen.

Chris Brogan is another person who has helped me with his newsletters and his blogs.  He’s always making me think and I thank him for that.

Another person to thank is Dave Freer.  He’s one of my favourite authors and I’m so happy he’s now moved to Australia.  He’s now living in Flinders Island and you can read about his adventures there.  He’s written some of the best books I’ve read and I really treasure that he’s my friend.

I also have to thank the people I work with and the care workers who I supervise.  They make working something I enjoy rather then something I have to do.

I also have a huge group of people who I have come to know from my hobbies.  There are people on Tibia who help me and there are people from Baen’s Bar who have done the same.

Do you have people who need thanking or promoting for what they have helped you with?

Have you written about them or thanked them in person recently?

Take some time to let me know what you can do to promote and thank them.