Sometimes You Don't Know What to WriteI’ve tried writing about 4 posts and none of them worked.  So, this is my ‘sometimes I don’t know what to write’ post.

I could have just left it, but I made a commitment to write a post every day.   Usually I have it written by 8.30 – 9.00 am at the latest but this morning I had a meeting that was important to me, and then I had to be at my Job early.

Of course, I could have come home and written it but I had an appointment with my hairdresser so I had a late return.

I’ve sat and thought up a few posts, which probably you’ll see in the near future but they just didn’t work now.

Even not knowing what to write, I’ve still managed to create a 160 word post.

Sometimes you don’t know what to write, but I’ve learned in this last week of daily postings, it’s better to write something, then nothing.

Ever had one of those blogging days?

Tell me all about it 🙂


Tania Shipman

Just sneaked this one into my daily blogging.