Your Solution SpecialistYour Solution Specialist

I get asked for ideas, and how to do things, and where do you get your information from and lots of other questions so now I’m making my skills and resources available to help you.

What I can do is find just about anything to do anything that you think you need when you ask me for help.

I’m a solutions person, so you tell me what you have and then we work together to get the solution that works for you.

Together, we devise solutions to simplify your work and life.

What you really need is me to provide the right resources, at the right time, and in ways that simplify the task at hand. 

You use my years of business administration experience to look at your business and get improvements that are easy to implement.  Add in 4 years experience in web solutions and 6 years experience in managing and developing staff and you will get a solution that improves your business.

You can save money by receiving a solution that is tailored to your needs, within your budget, for your business.

If you need a Solution Specialist, then ask for help!

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It’s started.  Are you going to join me whilst we find your solution?


Tania Shipman

Solution Specialist