Solar Powered Hot Water

I woke up yesterday morning to find out that my laundry was full of water.  As it was pouring rain, my first thought was the water had come in through the window, but unfortunately it wasn’t that.

My hot water system was leaking water everywhere.  I had to start work at 7am so had no chance until about 8.30 am to do something about it.  I was able to call a plumber and they managed to get someone around to my place about 10 am.  As I work close to home, I organised to run home when they called.

The plumber was there all of 10 minutes to advise me my hot water system was dead.  He turned off the power and the water and ensured the pressure was off in the pipes and that was that, I’ll get the bill in the mail.

I now have to buy a new hot water system.  I could get a new system with my plumber for about $1200 – $1500.  I had been considering about going to solar power so I said no thanks and started getting in touch with solar power companies.  It doesn’t make sense to put in a new hot water system in a hurry when I was already thinking of going solar and saving money on my electrical bill.  After all, we get a lot of sunshine in Coffs Harbour and Australia.

During all of this, after weeks of no rain, it’s been pouring which means that even if someone can put in a system urgently, it will have to wait until the rain stops so they can put the solar panels safely on the roof.

I’ve got my first quote, after state and federal rebates I’m looking at $1700 and the second quote was for $1500 including moving the hotwater system outside.  I’ll be going with the second quote.  Installation should be this Thursday or Friday.