Solar Power Hot Water

My Solar Power Hot Water has been installed.

I had a few problems along the way including losing hot water on a wet day, having a temporary hot water system put in, taking a day off to get the system installed and the electrician not showing up on that day but he did show up eventually.

Through out it all though, I had hot water thanks to FutureSolar working to get me temporary hot water followed by installing my system and in the end I have solar power for my hot water and I’ll be interested in what my next power bill will be.

I would be happy to recommend FutureSolar to anyone in Coffs Harbour considering the move to Solar Power.

Reaction or Action

My hot water system failed about 3 weeks ago.  I had a choice to just ‘fix it quick‘ or think about the fact that I had been considering switching to solar power.  I live in Coffs Harbour, Australia where we have a lot of sunny days and I’m using coal generated electricity to provide me with hot water?  That just shouted out to me that now was the time to switch to Solar Power.

I chose to spend a bit more money now (and wait and see what rebates I get back from the state and federal government) to save for the future as well as help the environment by using power that comes free from the sun.

When something goes wrong, do you react and just fix it back to to the way it was or do you take action and think about making changes or spend a bit more time or money to help for the future?