Who is Sean Rasmussen?

Sean is my mentor and inspiration who I met over a year ago.  I had a friend who had been telling me to join up with Sean and I just kept thinking thinking that Affiliate and Internet Marketing was all just a scam.  It had to be because the only way you could make money is by working hard at your job, saving your money, buying a house and investing in some shares – right?

I was wrong. You can make money from Internet Marketing and Sean Rasmussen is the person who taught me how to.  He wrote a book called the Year of the Affiliate and it’s the first book I ever read about Affiliate Marketing.    It really opened my eyes up and made me start to think .   I did a bit of investigating (I love Google) and I decided I would see what Sean had to offer and I haven’t looked back since.

Year of the Affiliate Forum

Sean created and maintains the Year of the Affiliate Forum.  The forum moderators  are called Zodiacs who are the most helpful with the quickest response moderators I’ve met on any forum.   Sean also made sure that we have admin support on YOTA and Yang helps us with all things to do with administration plus much much more.

Sean, the Zodiacs and Yang provide videos, articles, resources, responses and information quickly in an encouraging way every day.

Also on the YOTA forum is a community that helps each other, cheering successes, commiserating set backs and offering suggestions to keep on going.  I’m very proud I’m a member of that forum.

Husband and Father

Sean is a loving husband to Cherie and a proud father of two sons, Timothy and James, who have starred on several of his YouTube videos.  Sean is so proud of his family and everything he has done has been for them.  They are integral to how Sean thinks and feels.


Australian Affiliate Marketer

Sean is a very successful Australian Affiliate and Internet Marketer, selling products worth six figures.  Sean is one of the most honest and ethical people I’ve met.  He uses his sites and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LindedIn and Digg to promote himself and his products and he does it very well.

How many of you starting in Internet Marketing have spent thousands of dollars only to find out that there is no support, help or advice available despite frantic emails or phone calls?

Sean offers free advice, his books and forum and is honest about it.  He tells you upfront that you need to do some work to make money in Internet Marketing however he provides so many resources and so much support that the only reason you won’t succeed is if you don’t want to.

Following Sean’s advice has put many of the forum members into the top 3 in Google.  In fact I managed to rank No 1 in Google for Internet Marketing Competition, outranking Sean for a short time.  I saved the image so I would always know I did it and that you can also be No 1 on Google.  It happened because I followed the advice that Sean gave me and I proved it works.

The Learn and Earn – Internet Marketing Competition

Sean’s competition offering $20000 in cash and prizes to the winners is in the final week.  Sean offered and promoted this competition for anyone to participate.  There were no costs involved to join up, in fact Sean gave competitors access to his free blog site.  Sean offered his time and resources to help the competitors learn about Internet Marketing and win whilst learning.  I believe that just about every competitor will say they learnt so much that they are a winner.

What I know

Sean Rasmussen is a caring, honest, ethical, successful affiliate marketer who I am very proud to call my mentor.

Thanks Sean


Tania Shipman
Interested in Anything and Everything.

Image of Sean Rasmussen posted with his permission