What happened to my site?Today’s post is a bit late.  I went to write it this morning and I had no access.  My domain had expired.  It was a pretty scary feeling.

I checked my emails and couldn’t see anything about a renewal and when I went into Hostgator, there was no invoice to pay.

After about 6 attempts to get into Live Chat, I finally got a lovely person who helped me almost immediately.  He generated an invoice and made sure the renewal went through.

However, by that time, I needed to leave for work, so I rushed out.

I had auto renew turned off, because I planned to move my site when it was due for renewal.  I was the one caught out, because I didn’t scheduled my site renewal in my diary, calendar or my mind (what little there is of it at times).  

Lesson learned, it’s in my phone and my google calendar to make sure I don’t have that happen again (at least to this site  😉 )

The post is late, but it’s still done by today.

Let me know if you’ve ever found your site not accessible.  What is because you forgot to schedule your site for renewal (or any other ‘horror’ stories).  Post in the comments.


Tania Shipman

Day 5 (Just and phew)