I saved $141

and changed my Greenslip Insurer

It’s car registration time again and time to renew my NSW CTP Greenslip, a compulsory requirement for registering a car in NSW. CTP stands for Compulsory Third Party Personal Injury Insurance and it’s called a Greenslip because it’s always printed on green paper.

Paying online

My insurance company CIC posted it ready for renewal as they have done for several years now.  I came home to renew it online, same as I did last year and and found out that my company and I quote:

“Note: Credit Card Payments are no longer accepted by CIC Allianz”.

Who doesn’t take credit card payments and direct deposit and Bpay and even Paypal nowadays?  Are they crazy or living in the 1970’s?  My 3 options were to:

  1. Pay in person in Sydney – only 5 hours driving to do that!
  2. Post to an agent  – with no helpful link to find that agent or even the closest agent to my postcode.
  3. Pay by mail – by cheque or money order.  I don’t own a cheque book any more and money orders would cost more money to send.

I chose my own option – Find a new CTP Greenslip provider.

Apparently CIC doesn’t want people to buy from them because this meant they lost a sale from me.

It actually proved a bonus for me, because when I went to find a new Greenslip provider who would take a credit card payment, I found that by choosing another company –  NRMA, I saved $141.00.  That’s a big chunk of money saved and I hadn’t planned to shop around.  I had no problems with CIC and figured they were value for money.

My lessons learnt today were:

  • Shop around
  • Get Value for Money
  • Find someone willing to offer online payment options

I renewed my Greenslip over the phone with NRMA in about 5 minutes.  Of course they offered me a quote to move my car insurance to them and after saving money with them, I was very receptive to hear their quote.  I’ve waiting for it to arrive to compare with my Allianz insurance quote.

I was able to renew my car registration by the time the phone call with NRMA finished, how’s that for fast service and NOT spending time trying to do any of the 3 options offered by CIC.

Big thumbs up for NRMA, you gained me back as a customer

CIC – major fail, how many more customers do you want to lose?

How often are you checking how good an insurance deal you have?  Time to go make a few phone calls.

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net