It’s been raining for a week here.  It started last Sunday and it just hasn’t stopped.

We have had floods in nearby towns like Bellingen and as I’m the Service Coordinator for that area, I’m checking on care workers to make sure they are safe and letting clients know that they won’t be getting services.  It’s been busy at work doing all this.

Coffs Harbour is a great place to live in, but when the weather acts like this, I start to think of other places I would rather be.  In the end though, I love my home city and I’ll put up with it.

However, this rain makes me think of all sorts of things.

Are we ever going to get weather control created, like it is in my favourite sci fi stories?  The idea of a gentle rain at night when most people are asleep, balmy weather during the day and everyone happy.  Well, seeing as know one I know has great air conditioning with everyone changing it to suit themselves, I suspect that weather control would end up like that.  Those who love summer warring with the winter lovers and everyone messing up with it.

I also think about what a waste of a resource it is, all that fresh water just running out to sea.  Maybe someone should invent giant sponges that can soak it all up, then work out a way to move them to places where they have no rain.

I think of the people affected by so much rain.  Simple things such as not being able to get to shops, or travel where you want to go.  People all up and down our highway are trapped or forced to take long detours just to get home.  Even some people are trapped away from home, depending on friends to provide a place to sleep.  I get my groceries delivered and the driver told me about how they can’t deliver up to Bellingen and Dorrigo because of flooding and road closures.  People still place the order in hope that they can get through.

The people out there working to keep us all safe.  My care workers are providing services to disabled and aged clients even when it’s pouring as long as they can get there safely.  SES , police, ambulance and fire workers out working to help people stranded by the rain.  There a lot of people to provide services and help and they are out doing it even when it’s raining.

I’m safe at home, I hope everyone I care and know are safe whilst the weather is bad.

Tania Shipman
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