I’ve had a very productive week and I’m feeling good about all I accomplished.

Monday I had a day off and got a lot of things done at home.

Tuesday and Wednesday were respectively our branch meeting and my team meeting.  We are working to improve ourselves and came up with strategies for both the branch and my team for some improvements.  It’s very satisfying planning changes and acting on them

Thursday and Friday I finally had a chance to do all the rostering I was supposed to be doing in the previous 8 days at work and I got it all done in time.  It was hard work but finishing it was an achievement and it could have been so easy to just say can’t be done and leave it half finished.

Saturday and Sunday I’ve been working on my websites.  I lost my passion for blogging in January but it’s back now and I’m enjoying it again.  I added a book review to Lot of Book Reviews, had a lot of participation in the YOTA forum and started blogging about Tibia and my character Tannylouise from the game I play online.

To add to all this, I’ve started exercising 3 times a week plus I went to water aerobics.  So body and mind were all worked hard this week.