I’ve been thinking about what I spend my time on recently.  I’ve got a few questions for you to think about what you are spending your time on.  Please take some time and think about them and answer them for yourself.

How many of you many of you are trying to do everything yourself?  Do you feel you need to learn wordpress, learn CSS, learn HTML, find the best theme, learn powerpoint, and learn how to do everything? Are you are spending your precious time on learning new skills?    

I have to ask, why?  Why is it necessary to learn how to do everything yourself when you are online?  

Precious TimeIs it essential that you learn ‘everything’ about wordpress, when all you want to do is learn how to post your thoughts and ideas.  

Why are you learning how to use PowerPoint when you just need it for one or two presentations?

I’ve got a few thoughts for you to think on.

You have to work out what’s important to you and then decide what you are going to spend your precious time on.  

Think about using online resources to find out what can be done for you that you have decided is not essential and instead concentrate your time on what you want to do.

When you have a message you want to share with the world and lets face it, blogging is about sharing with your audience, why are you spending time you don’t have free to learn something that isn’t essential for you?

One of my community was going to spend time learning about WordPress to set up his site.  He asked me if I knew a good resource for him to learn from.  My response was “Why are you doing that?”  He told me he needed to learn how to use it.    

We talked about why he felt he needed to know that, what he valued his time at, discussed what he really needed and worked out what he could afford to get the work done for him.  

We then looked for a solution that could work for him and meet his needs. The decision he made was to not do a WordPress course and instead he’s now considering getting an online support resource setting up his website.  This means he’s going to concentrate on writing his posts and getting his site up and running.  He knows how to post and he has an awesome idea for a new website so I’m really looking forward to his progress on that.  He didn’t need to do a course, he just needed someone to do it for him.

One of my clients is running for political office in Australia.  He wanted to start blogging as soon as possible to get his message out to our local electorate.  

He didn’t spend his time learning wordpress and what was the best theme.  I made his site.  We spent a few hours together showing him how to post, put in his tags and categories, how to do basic SEO, then we set up his links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and he starting posting.  

He used his time to set a goal, asked for action and got someone to set up his site.  Now he posts on a very regular basis about his vision and goal for what he wants to do for his electorate and doesn’t worry about the small stuff.

When I was on holidays, I spent 2 – 3 days trying to find a CD to install a program on my new computer.  I realised that the time I spent looking for it, was greater in value then if I had just spent an hour looking for it, realised I couldn’t find it and went and bought another one.  

I didn’t ‘save’ anything trying to find it.  Now I have the program installed and in finding out what was the best replacement, got a better deal for a lower cost then I anticipated. I spent my time investigating, then took action.

Your time is precious.  Use some of that time and work out what’s important to you and what do you want to achieve.  

Just because “everyone” knows how to use wordpress,  or excel, or word or whatever, instead of trying to learn as well, just say congratulations to “everyone” because they know it.  

What you have to do is to decide if you really want to be “everyone” or it’s just not that important to you.  If it’s not, find someone who can do it for you, pay them to set it up and use the time you would have spent learning to use it by doing important things for you.

Let me know what you consider worth your own time and what you feel is important to you.

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Talk to you soon.


Tania Shipman

Solution Specialist