No Internet Access

I suffered from No Internet Access this week. I attended a meeting for work at Nymboida.  The Nymboida Coaching Station Inn is lovely.  The rooms are huge, the food is great and the sounds of the water rushing over some little rapids outside my windows was stunning.

The trouble is there was No Internet Access along with very limited phone access.  That’s right, 24 hours with no access.  I hadn’t encountered that in years and frankly, I wasn’t prepared for it.

As usual when leaving home I had packed my laptop, loaded up my smart phone with a map to get to the Nymboida Hotel and was ready for the meeting and how to keep myself occupied at night.  I am a self confessed internet addict so missing my daily fix was not going to happen.

Anywho, driving along, following the map, and my phone loses signal.  There goes my google maps with the directions.  Ok, I’ll just keep driving till I get the signal back.  It didn’t happen and all the signs were just saying how it was 165 km’s to Armidale, nothing at all about Nymboida.

Still no signal, which also meant no internet access, the phone number for the hotel was also on the phone, everything I needed was on the phone !!

I decided, oh well, keep driving until I either saw the hotel or hit Armidale and knew I had gone too far.  Of course, I found the hotel, it’s in a stunning location, right next to the river so I arrived safely.

I then checked with other people staying there and found out there was absolutely no access to the internet.  You could get a signal up on the main road if you are tall enough (alas at 158 cmes I’m not) however it cut in and out.  You could use a phone box and you could have phone access in your room, but that was it.

Luckily for me, because all of my ebooks are on my Windows 7 Smart Phone, as they had been downloaded I had something to read.  I enjoyed the surroundings and had a great meal.  I had king prawns with a sweet dhukka (however it was too hot) so they made me a new meal with balsamic dressing.  I then had fillet steak cooked to perfection.

I enjoyed my 24 hours of No Internet Access but it proved to me just how much I depend on the Internet and I don’t want to do that again any time soon.

When have you lost Internet Access?

Tania Shipman
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