Wow, I’m really pleased.  I just got a huge compliment from Andy Bailey from ComLuv.  Well, I’m taking it as a compliment because he said I had the best idea about a recent concept he had about a new change for CommentLuv and featured it in his newsletter that goes out to 10,000’s of people.  Awesome !!!

I am a CommentLuvver – have been for years and I use it on all my blogs.  The plugin has great functions, has continual updates and major support from Andy and the community Andy has created.  


Because of that, I subscribe to Andy’s newsletters about what’s happening with everything to do with  (You can subscribe here)

Last week he asked his newsletter readers what did he think about changing how backlinks were given to commenters because of all the spammers (automated type spam).

This was part of Andy’s email about it.

Drastic action?

one thing I’ve noticed is that the spam is rarely for a site that has CommentLuv on it

so that got me thinking… (always a dangerous thing!)

what if I implement a CommentLuvver only policy on

basically, as soon as someone tries to comment, the CommentLuv plugin will try to fetch their latest posts 

if it finds they don’t have CommentLuv on their site it will warn them and not allow them to submit the comment

is that too much?

I know it might be for some blogs but is a site about, and for, CommentLuv users so maybe it’ll be ok there? 

I’d be really happy to hear your thoughts on this (and I’ll make a follow up email with the best comments)

I replied back that I could understand why Andy wanted to stop the bot spammers on posts but what about someone new to the blogging world who couldn’t write on because they didn’t own a blog.  I suggested instead of not allowing them to comment, how about he remove the url if the person doesn’t have CommentLuv on their blog?  They can still comment but they don’t get a backlink.

Andy replied that he thought it was a good idea, and in his email today, advised that he spent over 2 hours reading comments.  He went shopping with his missus at Ikea so she shopped and he read feedback about his idea and the best idea was mine 🙂  Nice way to use up shopping time Andy 😀

How awesome is that.  

I think Andy is one of the most amazing people on the planet and the best thing is he’s also an incredibly nice guy.  He also has excellent taste in picking my idea 😉  haha, joking, I’m just glad he liked my idea and it could help my fellow bloggers.   There was a heap of other great ideas as well, everyone loves giving feedback to Andy, he always listens and reads it.  Of course, he got comments about how ‘bad’ an idea this was but I bet most of the writers of that use automatic back linking.

Andy was also talking about his CommentLuv Directory but until he has the spam under control, he doesn’t want that unleashed on his community.  

I am also very excited about the Sexy Functions he’s thinking of incorporating, so you have more links under the comments like “find all comments by this person” , “put this person in the sin bin” , “politely refuse comment with reason” … and more 

That’s why being a commentluver is so great.  Andy is always trying to make the plugin better, greater, more helpful and something so awesome you just have to have it on your blog.  

CommentLuv is just awesome and it’s free from  If you want the very best plugin, do as I did and get CommentLuv Premium.  However, Andy realises not everyone can get it right now, so the free plugin is available.  So if you don’t have commentluv on your website, run and get it installed right now, as you have no excuses  !

I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you think of Andy’s idea, my suggestion and the other suggestions which could lead to a new change for CommentLuv Premium.  Personally, I can’t wait to see these changes in action.

Talk to you soon.


Tania Shipman