Nestle Customer Service is Excellent

Recently I bought my favourite coffee brand, Nestle Sweet Cappuccino and found that the packaging was defective.  The tear at the top couldn’t be torn without needing scissors so I couldn’t have a cup of coffee easily.

This is my favourite coffee brand and I know what should happen.  I take out the sachet, tear it at the top and pour it into my cup.  The sachets I had bought didn’t work that way, no matter how much I tried and twisted them, they wouldn’t tear.   Most people would have just got some scissors or a knife, cut the top off and grumbled about it but I’ve worked in customer service.  Companies want to know if something is wrong with a product.

So I went searching on the net, found Nestle’s website and where I could contact them and let Nestle Customer Service know what my issue was.  I like my Nestle Sweet Cappuccino, I will keep on drinking it and I want it to remain a great product so I let them know about the issue I had with the box of 10 I had bought.

A week later I received a letter thanking me for letting them know of the problem and a $10 cheque.  This showed me that Nestle customer service is excellent.   I was thanked and not ignored, I received a refund which was actually more then I spent on the product and I will be happy to tell everyone how well Nestle responds to problems with their products.

It’s a win for all concerned.  Nestle keeps a customer and I know that my feedback is valued.  I’ve since bought more boxes of Nestle Sweet Cappuccino and the sachets tear properly.  It was obviously a bad batch and Nestle know about and can fix the problem.

Let me know if you have ever had a product you weren’t happy about and what you did about it.

Tania Shipman (Tanny)
Interested in Anything and Everything

(Disclaimer – I worked for Nestle about 18 years ago at Friskies Pet Care – one of Nestle’s divisions)