Temple, Invest, Create


Invest Create Temple 3 Words

These are my 3 words for 2013.  

Chris Brogan has been writing about his Three Words for many years now.  Chris chooses the words that will drive what he does during the year, to focus on his goals and uses them to concentrate on what he will do during that year. 

I decided to find my words for 2013.  I thought about what my goals are for this year.  It’s hard to do and I spent quite some time thinking about it.  What the beauty of my three words is, is that once I know them, they are easy to remember and I think of them many times, every day.

My Three Words for 2013 are

Temple, Invest and Create.


This year I’m making sure I look after myself both physically and mentally.  I’m looking at everything I do and if it’s not good for my temple, I’m developing habits that will make myself better.  I’m using my walker for exercise, I’m eating breakfast, having a regular lunch break and eating healthier.   That’s my goal for 2013.  Look after myself.


For years I’ve being ‘going to do something’ about my Internet Business however I’ve used excuses as to why I couldn’t do as much as I could.  This year I’ve invested in a few mentors who will help me develop my business and empower me to develop the business that I am passionate about.  I’m also investing in relationships, in family and in myself.  


I’m creating my business this year.  I’ve already started with my new business, Empowered Development.  I am making videos to show how to set up my website and writing an e-book.  This year I will take my skills and create my business.  

Temple, Invest, Create

Every day I think of them, and what I need to be doing to meet them.  

I hope you enjoy the image that was made for my Three Words.  Mike Davenport created it.  

Seeing an image, knowing the words are always around me and thinking about them every day makes them more real then the old “my new year resolution is…” which is usually forgotten if not by the next day, then within a couple of months.

Temple, Invest, Create – that’s my three words for 2013.  

What are your goals for this year and could you capture them in three words?  Let me know.  I would love to hear from you.


Tania Shipman