2015 – My 3 Words


These are my 3 Words for 2015.  Every year Chris Brogan writes his 3 Words and you can read his at the bottom of this post.

My 3 Words 2015

My 3 Words 2015 Direction


This year I have a direction and I know where I’m going.  I’m also using the word for my travel overseas this year.  Sometimes there seems to be a lot of ways you can go, I have picked mine and will keep going in that direction until I reach the end.  

Grow 2015Grow

I’m growing as a person and as a business in 2015.  I have planted my ideas, and now I am helping them to grow.  I need to grow better healthwise and be more aware of how I look on the world and how I am with people.  I need to grow more.

My 3 Words 2015 Foundation


In 2015, I will make sure my foundation is solid, then build on it.  Look at what I have in my foundation, use it, share it and build a new me.  I have a lot of bricks sitting around from all that I know, have learnt and bought, but none of it has been built into my business.  

2015 is be my year to build my solid foundation, allowing me to grow my business and my personal life into the direction I want.

What are your 3 words for 2015?

Check out Chris’s 3 words below as well. 

My 3 Words for 2015

“Since 2006, I’ve been inviting people to shift how they approach their year and how they frame their goals and intentions. I created the “My 3 Words” exercise because most resolutions aren’t especially helpful. We decide something vague like “I’ve gotta get in shape” or “I’ve gotta quit smoking” or “I need to make more […]

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