Melbourne Cup Day

The race that stops a nation….

Like most Australians, the first Tuesday in November means I wander by my local Tab and place a bet.  I use the very scientific method of picking my favourite numbers and a few names that catch my fancy and spend about $15 – $20.  Most work places will be hosting a Melbourne Cup Day Event and many workers try to attend them.

The amount of money and publicity that’s generated for Melbourne and racing is astronomical.

Take a moment to bet on the Melbourne Cup and give $1 to charity

A lot of money is spent on picking the Melbourne Cup Winner however give a thought for those who have very little.

If $1 is given to a charity tomorrow by every person who puts on a bet, charities would raise a great deal of money.

I’ll be doing that tomorrow – you might consider doing that also.

Not everyone stops – say thanks to those who look after us on the day.

Spare a thought for those workers who because of their responsibilities to children, elderly, disabled, ill people and people in danger will work through the Melbourne Cup and find out the results when they can spare time.

They are usually not noticed until they are needed but they deserve a thanks for what they do.  If you see a nurse, care worker, ambulance officer, fireman, teacher, doctor etc tomorrow – say thanks for what they do for us.

I love my bet on the Melbourne Cup but this year I intend to do something more with the day and thank some people and make a donation to Charity.

Good luck, be generous and let me know what you will be doing on Melbourne Cup Day.