Melbourne Cup – 2010

150th Anniversary

Give $1 to charity

The Race that Stops a Nation

Every year, at 3pm on the 1st Tuesday in November, the “Race that Stops a Nation” is run in Melbourne.

This year is the 150th Anniversary of the Melbourne Cup and there is a real possibility that Bart Cummings, one of the most successful horse trainers with 12 Melbourne Cup winners, could win his 13th Trainers Cup but due to ill health not be able to attend.

100,000 people are expected to attend the Cup and fashions will be on display.  Australians will fly in from all over the country to attend and many overseas visitors and celebrities will be there as well to experience Australia’s premier racing event.

Give $1 to Charity

Millions of dollars will be bet on the Cup, but when we all head down to the local betting shop to place our bets, I would ask everyone to consider giving $1 to charity on the day.

If those 100,000 people who go to the Melbourne Cup each gave $1 to charity, there’s an immediate $100,000 available to Australian Charities.

If everyone in Australia who places a bet gave $1, I wonder just how much we could donate to charity?

Last year I wrote a similar post about the 2009 Melbourne Cup.  I was a winner on that day.  I bet about $20 on Shocking, Mourilyan and others and won $40.  So I decided to contribute both my $1 original commitment as well as the original $20 I bet to Charity.

Can you give $1 to Charity when the 2010 Melbourne Cup is run?

Tania Shipman
Interested in Anything and Everything