Take the time to say Thank You!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, part of a large team or a supervisor/manager, you need to make the time to say Thank You! to the people you work with.

I say thank you often to the teams I am a part of.  It’s an acknowledgement of the help they gave me and an indication that I appreciate what they did.  It’s also a decent thing to do.  Being fair and honest with your teams sets the tone for your whole business.  I rarely have a day when I don’t say it to someone in one of my teams because they ARE helping me to get my job done.  

It’s also one of the things that is most often not done, forgotten about or thought can be done later.  Don’t leave it to later, do it as soon as it’s applicable.

Saying Thank You! is one of the most important things you can do in a business to build and maintain your team.  There was a recent article in Forbes about how saying thank you can save your business money and also that it’s the right thing to do.

Appreciating your employees can lead to greater employee job satisfaction which leads to greater retention of staff. You have spent time building your team and your business.  Losing employees because they feel unappreciated is a very easy trap to fall into.  It’s even easier to blame them for leaving, rather then looking at your own actions.

After all, it’s really easy to criticise and demand better performance whilst thinking that saying thank you doesn’t need to be done because they ‘should know’ or you are paying them to do a good job so it’s not necessary.  

Do you think that your team knows you realise they did a good job?  Most of them won’t.  Those two simple words may provide more job satisfaction then just about anything other then a pay rise or a promotion and it doesn’t cost you a single cent!

However, don’t say it if you don’t mean it.  If you are going to do that, you shouldn’t do it at all.  You will cheapen it, make it worthless and make you look fake.  If it’s deserved, say it.  If it’s not, then don’t.  Sounds obvious but same as a fake smile is recognised and ignored, a fake thank you is just as bad.  Don’t be a fake, be genuine in your gratitude.

When you make the time to say thank you, you are giving credit to your team or employees and acknowledging their value to your business.   It doesn’t matter if it’s a long term employee, new hire, virtual assistant or fellow team members, let them know how much they have helped you – with those two very simple words.

Let me know in the comments this burning question I have.  When was the last time you said Thank You! ?

Tania Shipman

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