I had some great lessons learnt this week from some of my favourite sources.

Seth Godin

I have to start with Seth Godin.

Broken systems exist everywhere.  There is no such thing as a perfect system.  Fixing broken systems though, that needs a certain mindset.  Just because it’s broken, doesn’t even mean it will ever be fixed (look at politics if you don’t believe me).  

Seth sums up all the possibilities of what happens with broken systems.  I would love to say that I always did the first, but I can’t.  Of course, the way I am, I do try to fix and learn from broken systems but sometimes I have to just do my job, or know that we can’t afford to fix it, or even take the toast option of not even caring enought to fix it.

Different kinds of broken systems

“From healthy to toast…
Something is broken, we know it’s broken, we can fix it right away and we’ll learn from it.
It’s broken, we know it’s broken, we fixed it, don’t worry, but we learned nothing, it will break again, I’m just doing my job.
It’s broken, we know it’s broken, but we don’t think we can afford to fix it.
It’s broken, but we don’t know it’s broken.
It’s not broken (it is, but we’re not willing to admit it).
It’s broken, we may or may not know it’s broken, but mostly, we don’t care enough to try to fix it, to learn how we could fix it better or even to accept help from people who care.        “

Chris Brogan

Then I head over to Chris Brogan and learn this about myself.

I’ve struggled over the past year about what I want to do with my online business.  Chris and his products have been incredibly helpful in allowing me to figure out at least what I don’t want to do.  I’m getting closer to what I do what to do everyday.

This post just made sense.  One of Chris’s sentences just sang to me.  “equip you for success by helping you grow your capabilities and connections”

Build Your Home

“It all started making sense a little bit at a time, and then a lot at a time, and then I really saw it all, in a kind of continuum. By spending a lot of time analyzing what people have said to me at various events, in my inbox, in between their “official” statements and […]”


And finally, I found this on Entrepreneur.  These 10 tips are all things I know, have used or decided I would ‘work on later’.  Later and someday never come, so now starts now.

10 Quick Tips for Leveraging Your Time and Energy More Effectively

“Utilizing these strategies will allow you to achieve the maximum result with time to minutes or hours to spare.


I have to fix broken systems, work out where my home is and use my time and energy better.  I can read these articles and just go ‘ye ye’ or I can start living them.  

I’m living them.  

Tania Shipman