Learning to OrganiseI’m the person who loses her keys, can’t find her phone, has no idea what to wear tomorrow and rushes around at the last minute trying to get ready.

Well I was.  I still do the rush from time to time, but that’s decreasing at an ever faster pace.  Learning to be organized makes the effort worthwhile.

I didn’t learn this on my own.  My mum has been telling me for years to do it, and I’ve attended lots of training all recommending it.  What I did learn is that you can’t be made to do this, you have to want it yourself.

Some recent courses and mentors helped.  People like Chris Brogan and Rob Hatch with their courses and emails got me started.  Work Like You’re On Vacation really helped (that’s an affiliate link – click it at your own peril!).

But I did all that a while ago and I was still rushing and not organized.  However, I did remember it all.  It was all spinning, whirling and sinking into my brain and recently, it was one of the things that just jelled for me.

So more changes are happening.  These are changes that are happening because now is the right time to do it.

Some of the changes – meal plan so my meals are both healthy and easy to remember.  Day 1 – I need these foods to eat, Day 2 – those foods, etc.  Geting clothes ready before you go to bed.  Write down what you need to do tomorrow.  These are all relatively small, easy changes but each one makes me stronger and braver.

I’m still learning to be organized.  Have you got any ideas, tips or thoughts that could help me?  Let me know because I would really appreciate knowing them. 

Tania Shipman