Keep On Blogging No Matter whatI struggle with my blogging.  I don't feel what I do is important or necessary or even the right thing to do, but I want to do it.

I know I can help you, I know you can get something you need, but every time, I allow my doubts and worries stop me from writing.

So once again, I leap into the blogging fray.  I love sharing information, helping people and the best way to do this is by blogging.  

It's like the universe keeps sending me messages to not give up. I have to just keep on blogging, no matter what.   

Today the message from a post from Problogger.  I read a lot of blogs, forums, FB groups etc and instead of sharing that info here so you can learn with me, I keep it all to myself or just share it with one or two people.

That's one of my barriers.  I find it really hard to share myself with people, but I realise I do it all the time.  

So this post just told me, stop being a baby and step out of your comfort zone of just doing nothing.

So thank you Problogger and I hope this post helps anyone struggling with blogging also.  

Tania Shipman