It’s so much easier not to write, rather then to write.  I really have no excuses as to why I don’t post on my own site.

I love reading, I write on forums, on Facebook and all over the place but I don’t write here.

So I have to develop a habit of writing here.

I read a lot about SMART goals, setting goals, getting good habits going and I’ve even taught others how to do it, but do as I say is not the same as do as I do.

So this is the first post.

just doing itSetting my goal of a post a day, even if it’s only a few words and an image or a curated post of something I found interesting or even a funny joke I saw on the net.  I’m going to do it for a month to set the habit into place.

No matter what, every day, I will write HERE until I remember the joy of writing on my blog.

Join me on my journey.

Let me know what you do to help you write on your blog.

Tania Shipman