Win $20,000 in Cash and Prizes

Internet Marketing Competition

Sean Rasmussen is offering everyone the opportunity to win $20000 in cash and prizes.

The Internet Marketing Competition is going to run for 7 weeks, starting Monday 14th June 2010.  There is no cost to join and there will be no requirements to buy anything.

Sean calls it Learn and Earn and has posts and video available on his website explaining exactly what you need to do.

This is an opportunity where as you learn, you can earn prizes and cash.  There will be rules to follow and Sean does require that we follow the rules.  It’s all about paying attention to detail.

The Internet Marketing Competition will be run with integrity, ethics and is very transparent about what you have to do.  Sean also asks that you commit to participating.

These are not a lot of requirements needed for the chance to win $20000 in cash and prizes.

I wish you all luck and I am going to be a winner.

Image: renjith krishnan /