Learn and Earn Competition

Sean Rasmussen is running a free Internet Marketing Competition to win cash and prizes valued at $20,000 so don’t miss out on your chance to win.  We have just finished week 4 of the 7 week competition but you can still join.

All the information about the competition is available on his website and you should have a look and join in the competition.  It’s not too late to win.

Thanks to Sean for the opportunity to enter this competition.

What’s been happening so far in the Internet Marketing Competition

Lead up to the Competition

June 07 –  Learn And Earn. $20,000 In Cash And Prizes

June 10 – Internet Marketing Competition

June 11 – Internet Marketing Webinar

June 12 – Facebook Fanpages and Internet Marketing

This was an exciting week with lots of facebook, tweets, diggs and comments as everyone waited to see what was going to happen.

Week 1

June 14 – For a Few Dollars More
The competition starts and Sean announces it will run for 7 weeks.

June 15 – Replacing your Income Online
The first in a series of 7 videos about Replacing Your Income Online.

June 16 – Risk Free Internet Marketing
The second in the series.

June 18 – Learn Affiliate Marketing – For a Few Dollars More
Webinar about the competition.

June 19 – Getting Started with No Outlay
The third video in the series.

Week 2

June 23 – Selecting Affiliate Products
The fourth video in the series.

June 25 – Learn how to Blog – For a Few Dollars More
Part one of the Blogging webinars that Sean will provide during the competition.

Week 3

June 28 – The Post with No Name
Part two of the Blogging Webinars.

Week 4

July 02 – Do you Feel Lucky
Sean runs through how to score points for the competition.

July 05 – The Ultimate Twitter Guide
Learn about Twitter and download the guide.

July 07 – Free Internet Marketing Suppport
Sean has made a part of his Year of the Affiliate forum available to everyone participating in the competition.  This webinar explains how to access it and the Ultimate Twitter Guide.

July 08 – Selling Affiliate Products without a Website
The fifth video in the Replacing Your Income Online series

July 09 – Go ahead.  Watch my Youtube
Youtube and a lot more covered in this Webinar, make sure you watch.

Sean has been busy with the competition which looks to be one of the most exciting Internet Marketing Competition available.  It’s not too late to join so don’t miss out on your chance to join, learn and earn during this competition.

Image: djcodrin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net