You don’t know how much you miss it till it’s gone.

Yesterday FutureSolar organised a plumber and an electrician to both come to my house before or after jobs on a Friday.  Both of them had other jobs to go to but FutureSolar ensured that I would have hot water for the weekend.  They fitted me in where they could, the plumber before 2 jobs in Grafton (an hours drive from Coffs Harbour) and the electrician towards the end of the day.  Both jobs were not easy, due to the way it had been set up by previous owners but they made sure I had hot water for the weekend.

I can’t thank them enough and FutureSolar for what they did.  Not having hot water is so frustrating.  Cold, wet days – which we had this week and I couldn’t have a hot shower to warm up.  I don’t think you realise how limiting it was just for so many things.

Taking things for granted is something we all do.  I will appreciate my hot water a lot more from now on.

I still don’t have Solar Power as this was a rush emergency job to get my hot water back but in 2 weeks I’ll have it.