Back Verandah Cover

Ever since I moved into my home, I haven’t been able to get into the house without getting wet.

The car port sits between my two doors without any way of getting from my car to the front or back door undercover. That all changed this weekend.

Simon Shipman - OssieO

My fantastic brother Simon came and put up an awesome back cover that will stop the wet weather woes from ever being a problem again.  I can finally get out of the car and get into the house dry all the way.

Coffs Harbour can be wet, in fact very wet and with winter coming, this is when it really rains a lot a here.  In fact on the day Simon was putting it up, we had grey skies with the threat of rain.  He, Blakey and my nephew Christopher came out and finished putting up my cover.

I now have a back verandah that is out of the rain, gets me into the house without getting wet and looks pretty awesome.

My two issues now are to:

  1. Buy a nice outdoor set to enjoy the covered verandah
  2. Find the key for the back door so I can actually get in

And the second issue isn’t really an issue because if I can’t find the key, Simon will come and put in a new barrel.  Didn’t I say he was fantastic?

Simon owns OssieO and this was all bought and installed through his business.  He patented several systems for outdoor screens including screened bifold doors and automatic screens that roll up and down for verandahs.  Do me a favour and go check out his site.  If you live in the Coffs Harbour area, check out what you can do with screens and bifold doors and give Simon a call.

This photo shows what it used to look like.  As you can see, there is no way to get into my house without getting wet :(.

What home improvements have you done and did they turn out the way you hoped?

I’m loving my new back verandah, do you love your Home Improvements?  Let me know.

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Have a fantastic day.


Tania Shipman
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