That’s me.  I’m a Funny Orange Eater.

I love oranges but I eat them in a different way to just about everyone else I know.  I have to have salt on them and  I cut them up into slices, either segmants or cut across.

When I was a kid and not aware of just how bad so much salt was for you, I used to dip the oranges into salt.

As I got older, I would just sprinkle it over.  Now that I am much more aware of salt intake and the need to limit it, I use sea salt and barely sprinkle it on it but I can’t really enjoy an orange unless I have it with salt.

I know that makes me a Funny Orange Eater but I just love my oranges like that.  I also like lemons and apples the same way.

Friends and even strangers have reacted in horror when they see me sprinkle the salt, however I really enjoy being a funny orange eater.

I suppose that really proves that I prefer savoury to sweet.

Oh, and I always eat the pith (the white stuff inside).  Funny huh?

Is there anything that you eat that’s a bit different then the way every one else eats?  Let me know with a comment about anything that you love to eat that’s different to most people.


I’ve written about oranges as a project with a group of friends who are learning all about internet marketing through the Year of the Affiliate Forum.

Their posts are available here.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

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