For a Few Dollars More

Internet Marketing Competition Rules

Sean Rasmussen invited everyone to his webinar on Monday 14 June 2010 where we found out the rules for his latest Internet Marketing Competition where participants can win $20000 in cash and prizes.

It’s not a winner takes all competition, instead there is a chance for participants to win points through following the rules.  Watch the webinar to find out what you can win and what you need to do.

As Sean is a long time Clint Eastwood fan (and dare I say a possible look-a-like) he’s named his new competition For a Few Dollars More on his website  The competition is being run for the next 7 weeks through Facebook and you can join Sean Rasmussen Talks to participate.

Don’t worry if you missed the For a Few Dollars More webinar and still want a chance to win  $20000 in cash and prizes because you can watch the webinar and learn how to join the competition.

Sean make the rules easy to follow and keeps them simple.  He just asks that we all play fair.  If you are a beginner learning about Internet Marketing you have as great an opportunity to win For a Few Dollars More as a really experienced Internet Marketer.

Watch the video to find out what you need to do and when Sean mentions Tanny towards the end of the video, that’s me 🙂

Sean has already provided some videos to help you in the For a Few Dollars More post explaining how to start participating in the competition.

  • How to get a Gravatar
  • How to Comment (that post refers to the previous competition Sean ran)
  • How to subscribe to Comments

He’s also done a new post with a video tutorial about Replacing your Income Online.  Many people who are interested in Internet marketing are looking for an income to supplement or replace their current income.  This is the first in a series of 7 videos that help you to get started if you are just beginning.

Watch the video series to learn more about Internet Marketing and use them to help win $20000 in cash and prizes For a Few Dollars More.