Seth Grodin’s post “Same as it ever was” just highlights that everything old is new again.  

Some of the first photographs ever taken could be images available now on Instagram or Facebook. 

His message is clear, just because someone else has made it, doesn’t mean you can’t make it better!

Work out something that you want to do, make it and then ship!

Same as it ever was

“Here are two of the first photographic portraits ever taken, far more than a hundred years ago:

(Pictures available through link)

They could have been taken with Instagram, no?

I’m all in favor of self-driving cars and advanced robotics that will change everything. But few of us get to do that for a living. Mostly, we find new ways to do old things, better…


What are you making and shipping that’s an old idea that’s going to be new again?  Let me know, I’m curious to find out.


Tania Shipman