Easter Holidays

I’m on Easter Holidays and I’ve got a heap to do, as well as making sure I have a good break.  I’ll be involved with my family, blogging and enjoying my holiday.


I enjoyed Good Friday with my family, having a great day with the people I love and eating lots of seafood.

We always get together on Good Friday and hand out Easter Eggs instead of on Easter Sunday. One of our family traditions is to have Oysters Kilpatrick when the family gets together but we don’t eat bacon on Good Friday, so we had Oysters Mornay with Prawns.  They were delicious.  I’ll be trying them out in my convection oven.

All my nieces and nephews got lots of chocolates so they were all happy.  It was a great day spent with the people I love.  I hope everyone I know had a wonderful Good Friday.


I’m trying out a new idea on my other blogs which will hopefully lead to more visitors and more comments.  I’ll keep you updated on that.

I also have a client who I’m providing support on his website with another about to start so that part of my business is expanding.


I’ve got another 7 days to enjoy my holidays so I’ll be having some fun, doing some shopping and enjoying my blogging.

I’ve used the Easter Public Holidays on Good Friday and Easter Monday to give myself a long break without having to use up a lot of my Annual Leave so that’s another added bonus.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter.

Tania Shipman
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