Have you ever run out of power on a phone, laptop or tablet? Ever needed to make an essential call or show a presentation and you can’t run it because you have no power?

Don't lose power - be preparedWhen you are away from your home base, no power can result in business lost. If you can’t take a call or answer emails or show a presentation on your laptop, your customer can give their business to someone who is prepared and has working equipment.  

People live in the ‘now’.  When you can’t take that call, they may move on to someone else who can help them now!  

I was expecting an important call so I had my mobile phone with me.  I recharge it every night but on this day, it didn’t recharge properly and I didn’t notice.  Just grabbed my phone and headed to work.  I then found out my power was low and was by mid morning it was ‘dead’.

As my contact’s details were on my phone, I couldn’t even call him.  I did catch up with my contact much later that day but it wasn’t professional professional that I couldn’t take or return his call immediately.  

I decided to be more prepared and work out what I could do.  

I could take the phone charger with me everywhere.  Unplug it at home, keep it in my bag, use it where necessary and then remember to bring it back with me.  The problem with that would be if I forgot it in any stage of this process, I would not be able to charge up my phone until I retrieved it.

I could make it a part of my routine that I would charge the phone every time I was at home, without fail.  That was how I had been trying to do it and I still ended up with no power. 

I could find out how much it would it cost to buy extra chargers for my essential equipment.  

The results were pretty surprising to me.  It would cost me $10 AUD for a usb cable, $19 for a car usb charger, $25 for a powerpoint USB charger, $60 for a car laptop charger and $80 for a universal laptop charger.   So for about $200 I would have all my recharging power needs covered.

That’s a pretty small investment to make to be prepared for anything that can happen.  I use my mobile phone more then my laptop so I bought 2 usb cables and a car charger.  $40 later, I can charge my phone at work, in the car and at home without having to remember to carry cables with me.

I feel so much more comfortable knowing that I am prepared and able to assist my clients as needed.  My clients can trust that if they need me, I’m contactable.  No more stress about losing power and I don’t have to rely on my remembering to take this cord or cable with me when I leave anywhere.  

Have you ever been caught out because you don’t have power for essential equipment?  Have you invested in being prepared?

Let me know, I would love to hear about it.


Tania Shipman

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