Ideas are needed to build your business.

Whether it’s an idea that will make you a lot of money or just a way of doing one job easier, cheaper or quicker, the last thing you want to do is lose that idea. Don't Lose a Good Idea

Entrepreneur provides 3 steps to make sure you don’t lose a good idea. It’s so easy to think of ‘something’ but if you don’t have steps in place to keep that thought, your good idea can just disappear.

You may never remember it again or even worse, you find out someone else also thought of it, remembered it and is now using ‘your idea’ to build their own business.

It’s not hard to start using these steps, they are easy to understand and,¬†once set up you get to keep your good ideas.

You Have Good Ideas — Don’t Let Them Disappear

“A good daily habit to develop is to capture your thoughts. Who knows? It might just lead to a big breakthrough. ”

All three of these steps are pretty essential not only for keeping a good idea, you can also use them for other parts of your business by just applying the principles.

Let me know what you think of the article and if you are practicing these 3 steps.


Tania Shipman