Day 7 – Friday

My 10 Days of YOTA


That’s the only word to explain my day today.

I worked today on Market Samurai.  I watched some videos but it’s not making sense to me yet.  I gave myself a break from it, rather then getting frustrated.

I worked on some book reviews which I will post this month in Lots of Book Reviews so keep an eye out for them, and spent time on Twitter and the Year of the Affiliate forum.

Year of the Affiliate Forum has been created by Sean Rasmussen where Affiliate Marketing is explained to members who pay a monthly fee to participate.

This afternoon we were having a webinar for new members and I always like to watch them if I can.  The new members joined the forum after the release of Year of the Affiliate 2.0, a new book about Internet Affiliate Marketing by Sean Rasmussen.

Sean has given 7 scholarships to people who applied and there were still 3 scholarships available for existing members of the YOTA forum to be announced.  Sean announced it during the webinar and drum-roll please….

I won a Scholarship for 12 months to Year of the Affiliate Premium Forum valued at $2400.

To say I was shocked is an understatement.  There were a lot of applicants and I’m really proud that I was one of the winners.  It’s a great honour and I really appreciate what Sean has made available.  I’ll be using it to become the affiliate marketer I can be.

Then to finish my day, I made my first affiliate sale.

Friday was a very good day.