Day 1 – Saturday

My 10 Days of YOTA

Year of the Affiliate Forum

I’m having 10 days holidays and working on my affiliate marketing career.

I have a  plan for my holidays of making sure that  I cover all the strategies and resources available through the YOTA forum that Sean Rasmussen and the Zodiacs (Moderators) had created.  I am going to make sure I understand the strategies to build my affiliate marketing career.

I joined the YOTA forum in July 2009 as a Beta Tester and I’ve been learning about blogging, Twitting, Facebook, social media, domains, hosting and much more however during my holidays I will be going through all I’ve learned to make sure of my future in affiliate marketing.

On Friday I had attended the Webinar for the YOTA Forum.  At the Webinar Sean announced that the Year of the Affiliate 2.0 would be available to Beta Testers Saturday before the official launch on Tuesday.

Saturday I logged into the forum and started going through the resources . I’ve gone back to the basics for these next 10 days, following the steps through the forum to make sure that I haven’t missed anything.  I checked up to a certain level and watched a few videos that helped me make some changes to my web sites.

Sean gave me a call to discuss the forum and what I thought of it and I was happy to talk about how much it has helped me over the last 3 months in learning about affiliate marketing.

After the call, I checked the forum and found out that the Year of the Affiliate 2.0 was available for download to Beta Testers and that’s what I’m doing – it’s reading time.

Looking forward to Day 2.