Day 9 – Sunday

My 10 Days of YOTA

Year of the Affliliate Forum

I spent today going over the Year of the Affiliate forum checking that I am up to where I wanted to be.  There are just so many resources available there that there is information overload sometimes.

The fast responses on the forum to any question means that I’m not getting frustrated learning and the fun we also have just make it such huge value for money.

I’ve really working to understand the basics of Affiliate Marketing, understanding the need for Social Networking and making sure that I have the necessary information available.

Market Samurai

I still spend time on Market Samurai understanding how it works.  Market Samurai offer excellent videos for learning how to use their product, and it’s just going to take  time to understand it properly.

Book Reviews

I’ve spent time checking out the blogs of other book reviewers as I love reading and believe a part of my affiliate marketing business will involve this.  There are a lot of different styles and ways of reviewing books and I am developing my own style which will help readers.

Monday is the last day of my holidays and then I’m back to my J.O.B.  More to do tomorrow.