Day 10 – Monday

My 10 Days of YOTA

Monday is the last day of my holidays and I’m back to my J.O.B Tuesday.

Year of the Affiliate Forum

Again and again I believe the key to affiliate marketing is learning as much as you can.  I spent most of my time today on the Year of the Affiliate forum watching videos and reading articles.

I also spent time reading other resources available on the net, reading articles recommended on Twitter or Facebook whilst taking care not to fall for the ‘make a HUGE amount of money today’ scams.

It’s a pleasure to be learning this from such an ethical business, which is what the Year of the Affiliate is all about.  I’ve got a lot more to do and so much more to learn but with the help of Sean Rasmussen and the Year of the Affiliate forum I’m definitely on my way.

Affiliate Marketing

I’ve discovered that there is a lot of work in developing your affiliate marketing business and if you aren’t prepared to work at it, then just don’t start.

The Journey Continues…