I have Credit Card Protection because my bank contacts me personally.  On Anzac Day, they rang to discuss my credit card purchases.

That’s right, on a public holiday, I had a call from my bank about possible fraud or hacking on my Visa.

I tried to buy something online and it was rejected a few times.  Within minutes I received a phone call on a public holiday from my bank – Bananacoast Credit Union (BCU) asking if I had been making the purchases.

This would have been my second hacking in a month if it had been true.  Just before Easter, Ireckon.com, the Australian Domain Name Buyer I use, was hacked.  A heap of credit card details were stolen and mine was one of the ones hacked.

BCU rang me on a Friday night (after business hours) to ask if I had been making any purchases via Saudi Arabia.  I hadn’t, the credit card was cancelled and I ordered a new one the next day.

Below is an excerpt from an email I received from Ireckon.com

In reviewing the attack, we are aware there is a possibility the hackers may have been able to grab a portion of the database which stores the encrypted credit card numbers for those customers who have “auto renewal” enabled.

We don’t know for sure if this credit card data was taken, however in light that it might have, we have researched the software we use and concluded that someone with the right knowledge could force this data open and get access to card numbers.

Ireckon apologised and have taken security steps to protect their clients in the future. However my credit card information was stolen and someone attempted to use my card details for a $1.50 purchase.

Luckily BCU was on the case and my credit card was protected not once, but twice now.

I don’t know about you, but my experience with the Big Banks in Australia does not give me any confidence that I would have got a call from their fraud team on a public holiday.  Instead, a month later when I got my credit card statement and found out a heap of fraudulent credit charges had been made on it, I would then have spent months fighting with the bank to prove that I didn’t make purchases via Saudi Arabia or elsewhere.

Credit Card Hacking and Credit Card Fraud are big business and Online Purchases is so popular.  Of course the thieves of the world are working on ways to steal your information.

  • Be careful where you purchase from
  • Think about why is someone sending me a link about buying anything
  • Use websites that you know, and type in the link, don’t follow it.
  • Pay via organisations that will refund your money if you claim it’s fraudulent like Paypal etc.
  • A popup on your screen telling you your computer is unprotected and you need to buy XYZ software to protect it could be a hack attempt to get your credit card details.
  • Research and protect your information and think about who you are giving your credit card to.

Have you ever been contacted by your bank telling you about possible fraudulent claims or have you  ever got a credit card bill for things you never bought?

I would love to hear if you have any good or bad stories about Credit Card Protection by your bank.  Let me know.

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Tania Shipman
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