Do you live in the Comfort Zone?

It’s really easy to get into a rut, to just do as you do every day.  I’ve been doing that for a few years now. These are the things I’ve been repeating over and over again living in my comfort zone:

  • Raising my son
  • working
  • shopping
  • playing Tibia (a MMORPG)
  • visiting my family
  • reading books, blogs and articles

There’s a bit of variety in my life from time to time but I was just living in my comfort zone.  You look at your calendar and think in October, what happened to January and you don’t really know what happened with the other months.

Getting out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable (that’s the point) but even doing it for just one day can be an achievement.  Change just one thing you do a day and see how you feel.  You never eat breakfast?  Have toast for one day and see if it makes a difference.  It doesn’t seem much to do but try it and then see if you can change other things.


Most people love routines, that’s why we all have them.  Get up, shower, get dressed, have breakfast – that’s a routine right there.  Get home, make dinner, wash up, watch tv, go to bed, another routine there but do you find that you only like doing that routine?  Can you make a single change to it?  Try it and see if it is possible to make a change.

My Influences to change my Comfort Zone

I subscribe to quite a few blogs and some of them are real gems.  They get me thinking.

I read what others have written and post a comment or rethink a concept and it makes me stretch as a person.  A few people especially have helped me do that in the last few months.

Sean Rasmussen

stI recently joined the Year of the Affiliate forum and started learning from Sean Rasmussen.  The information and advice I have got there has really helped me to change what I do and really kicked me out of my comfort zone.  Writing on blogs, commenting on other blogs and participating in the forum has made some major changes to my life.  Check out how to access the Year of the Affiliate forum here or join the Facebook YOTA Internet Marketing Forum here

Yang and the Zodiacs

Yang and the Zodiacs are the administrator and moderators on the Year of the Affiliate forum.  They help all the members with advice, hints, humour and help us in a fast and timely way.  They are never too busy to help and they are helping me to work out where I’m heading and to seriously change my comfort zone.

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan writes a great blog and sends out a newsletter that often asks questions about considering changing a few things in your life.  I tried a few of his recommendations and his advice is just great.  Changing just a few things that you do can make a lot of changes. I would really recommend having a look at him here.

Where am I heading?

I don’t know where I will end up but I’m really changing what is comfortable for me and trying new things.  I’ve learnt a lot of new things, I’m enjoying what I can now do and I like that my comfort zone has been changed.

Have you ever stepped out of your Comfort Zone?