It became the time to make a Change to my Internet Plan and Westnet helped me to do it easily.

I wrote last year about the trials and tribulations I went through try to change my Internet Plan.  I finally got where I wanted and it’s been great.  I loved my new plan of 200 G peak/off-peak with Westnet and Marcus and I’ve been really burning up the gigs.

This has led to the need for a Change to my Internet Plan.  Last Thursday we were at 96G Peak time and we had 4 days left for the month.  At the rate we use it, I was not going to last to the weekend and my access would then be shaped.

I had the choice of either limiting what I can do over the weekend or making a change.  I could have waited but for $20 more a month I can get 400 Gig Peak/Off Peak.

I decided to make the change.  Westnet has a very easy way of changing plans online and it only took a few minutes.  I thought it wouldn’t come into place until the 1st February but about 30 minutes after changing over it, I had 104 Gig extra to use.  There was a small pro-rata payment to upgrade which was less then the cost of loaf of bread.

I’ve been able to keep working without worrying about being shaped.  It’s only taken 4 months for a Change to my Internet Plan being needed so it will be interesting to see how long it takes me to upgrade to a higher plan (I can see if happening).  As the next plan change is a terabyte plan (500/500G) it’s interesting to consider that one day I will be needing that much.

Have you considered changing/updating your plan to make sure you can do what you want online?

Tania Shipman
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