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Are you about to start booking accommodation?  It  can be very daunting as you prepare for a trip or holiday.  What do you do first?

I always start with Google and Google Maps to look up the names of hotels near where I want to be, then head over to to find out how much it might cost and if there is any availability.  I wanted to go to Sydney a few months ago and there was literally nothing available so I didn’t waste my time ringing around.  I also check out booking direct with the hotel and always consider:

  • What’s the best deal?
  • Do I have coupons or rewards to use?
  • What hotel is the best value for money?
  • How can I save money?
  • What extras do I want or need?

It can be overwhelming making a decision and finding the best value for money.  I’ve started using a guest reward program to help me get the best deals called The Escape Club. I pay to be a part of this program and it’s saved me money.

I’m going to the Gold Coast in November and I decided to book using my membership with The Escape Club.  It took a little while to get in contact with them as my times available to ring them didn’t match theirs however, we managed to get into contact today.

I had Mitch to help me and he did a great job.  I asked Mitch about the hotel I wanted to look at booking accommodation with, was given a price and then was asked to wait on hold.  Mitch returned to advise me that the hotel was totally booked out for the days I wanted and he was unable to help me, however he could find me rooms at a hotel close by.  I did a quick google check and it seemed a nice hotel, however it was not the one I wanted.

I had checked out Wotif first to see what the prices were like at the hotel, if there was availability for the days I wanted and what the rooms were like to provide me with a comparison between what The Escape Club could offer and what Wotif could do so I was a bit surprised by what Mitch had said.

I asked Mitch if the hotel was booked out, why was Wotif showing rooms available?  Mitch was surprised to hear that so put me on hold again and rang the hotel I wanted.  He returned to advise me that he had organised a room for the days I wanted and at a price I am very pleased with.  I made the booking, paid via visa card and voila, I have my room booking done and confirmed for my holiday in November.

When booking accommodation make sure you do your research, know what you want, don’t take no as the only answer, ask questions and be prepared with a Plan B.  The other hotel Mitch had recommended would have done nicely however I wanted to stay at the hotel I selected.

Has anything like this ever happened to you and what have you done when you can’t get the accommodation you wanted?

Tania Shipman
Interested in Anything and Everything

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