Why I can Be Brave


Nearly two years ago, I joined a fantastic community.  I bought a book from Chris Brogan and frankly, it’s changed my life.

Chris led the way, but the changes were made by me.  I am encouraged, supported and made to laugh by the Brave people I call my friends.

Learn to Be BraveWe are Brave and use our CAPE because of what I learnt in the course offered by Chris.  If you are interested in finding out more about it, you can get it here.  (affiliate link).

Being Brave meant I gained confidence to reach out.  I ask for and talk about things I would never have done before reading the book and doing this course.  I became part of this community.

After I became Brave, I asked a mentor to work with him.  It’s been a fantastic experience working with him.  I asked another mentor for a great opportunity and he made it happen.  Another opportunity to became a moderator of a group was because of being Brave.  My life has changed, because I am Brave.

Along the way, I met some truly outstanding people.  They are people who are changing other people’s lives and making my life better because I know these fantastic people.  

Tania, Andy, Jyri, Lori, Jason, Renee, Walter, Ruby, Rich and of course Chris are amazing and I got to know them because I bought a book about tights.  

The course, the tights and a cape have changed my life.

Thanks Chris and everyone at Brave for allowing me to be Brave


Tania Shipman

Day 2 of posting 🙂