I bought a new plugin and I couldn’t get it work.  I tried all the instructions, watched the video provided and just couldn’t get it to work.  I went to the site where I bought it and posted a question.  No answer, so I waited till the next day and asked again.  No one else seemed to know and I asked a third time if there was any support for the plugin.  

When I finally got in contact with the seller, I was told that no support was offered on a weekend and my continual questions were not appreciated.  I should have just waited until someone answered me.  I did not feel like a valued customer at all.  

Availability QuestionAll I could think about this seller was that I was told to write my questions in the sales page and why couldn’t I find out easily what the response time would be?

In the sales page, there was no information about when support was available or even an email address or support site that could help me.  

I ended up feeling that I was unappreciated, unwelcome and wondering why I had given my money to this seller.  

Letting your customers know when you are available is pretty easy to do.  If I can easily find your contact and availability details, I can wait for a response.

I can appreciate that you are not available 24/7 so as long as I know I have alternate contact details, so if I know you aren’t available, I will happily wait as long as I know.  

If I don’t know and can’t figure it out, you will be dealing with a frustrated customer wondering why am I dealing with you.

Nowadays, with mobile phones, email and social media, customers expect responses.  If you send an email, there is an expectation there will be an answer ‘soon’.  What falls down is what soon means.  If I send you an email, your response time can be the reason I do business with you.  

Your customers expect timely responses so how do you meet their expectations?  

Does your contact page have a time frame when you will reply to their message?  

Can your customer find your phone number, physical address and an alternate email address?

When you make yourself available on your site, your customers can see that you have made yourself accessible and have a belief that they will get a response.

Let me know if your customers can find you and where they can find that information.


Tania Shipman